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Circulation Study

Review and Prioritize Recommended Projects

After gathering public input on how drivers, cyclists and pedestrians get around Sugar House and South Salt Lake, the Local Link team has developed eight recommended projects to transform streets and intersections in these communities and give people safe, accessible and efficient transportation choices in the future. All eight projects are designed to support the rapid growth these cities are facing, reduce the need for single occupancy vehicles and provide multiple mobility options so you can choose the type of transportation that works best for you and your lifestyle.


Along with these projects, the study team developed new programs and policies that act as recommendations for the cities to implement to achieve desired outcomes. To view each of these , click "PRIORITIZE PROJECTS" below and you will find the list on the right side of your screen. 

Next, we need your help reviewing the projects and prioritizing which are most important to you by clicking "PRIORITIZE PROJECTS" below to learn about each one. Also, please provide open-ended feedback in order to help us refine the projects prior to implementation.

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