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Salt Lake City held a public open house during the design phase to receive feedback on the proposed design prior to construction in 2025. Scroll down to see the concepts that were shared.

To submit feedback, email the project team at 

Salt Lake City Boundary to 2700 South (Map 1 of 6)

SLC 1300 E_Map_Improvements_Web_Boundary to 2700_Desktop.png

2700 South to I-80 (Map 2 of 6)

SLC 1300 E_Map_Improvements_Web_2700 to I-80_Desktop.png

I-80 to 2100 South (Map 3 of 6)

Crandall Avenue to Charlton Avenue (Map 4 of 6)

1300 East and Highlight Drive Intersection (Map 5 of 6)

I-80 On-Ramps Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (Map 6 of 6)

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